Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Time Specials

Dr. Dog is featuring several warm weather seasonal products.
As the temperature rises the appearance of dog hot spots tend to increase. To treat hot spots Dr. Dog Skin Care treats and relieves the itch and infection of atopy in dogs.

Lawn care for dog owners is also becomes an issue as the seasons change Green-um for Dogs is now available in three strengths, regular, Green-um Xtra, and Green-um Giant. This is a natural safe solution for dog yellow grass problems. Lawn Spot Away is another solution for damaged lawn.

Finally, Dr. Dog is offering two specials: The Dr. Dog Trial Pack and the Dr. Dog Skin Care Pack. Both are marked 10% off.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Matthew Clip Ever

Video unreliable, also available at Newsbusters ->

Finally, someone succinctly makes the point that both sides of the political spectrum have their crazies, and that pigeonholing all the people that have problems with the health care legislation as radical or racist is intellectually dishonest. Best moment of the interview is when Chris Matthews mutters under his breath "this isn't working."

Dana Loesch Owns Chris Matthews in Debate About Tea Party Protests